About Us


Established in 1987, Infolinx provides industry-leading, enterprise-class, physical records management software and related services.

With hundreds of installations across North America and into Europe, our clientele includes pharmaceutical, healthcare, financial, educational, retail, legal and property management organizations to name a few in private industry, to federal, state, county, and municipal agencies in the public sector.

Technically, Infolinx is continually integrating the latest technologies into our products as evidenced by our multiple DoD 5015.02 version 3 certifications, our .NET based, true thin-client platform, integration of radio-frequency identification (RFID), and our integration with advanced enterprise content management (ECM) software.


Infolinx System Solutions is the provider of Infolinx WEB and Infolinx WEB Express physical records management software, as well as complementary services including records management consulting, barcode and RFID label printing, and file and box inventories and moves.

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