Established in 1987, Infolinx provides industry-leading, enterprise-class, physical records management software and related services.

With hundreds of installations across North America and into Europe, our clientele includes pharmaceutical, healthcare, financial, educational, retail, legal and property management organizations to name a few in private industry, to federal, state, county, and municipal agencies in the public sector.

Technically, Infolinx is continually integrating the latest technologies into our products as evidenced by our multiple DoD 5015.02 version 3 certifications, our .NET based, true thin-client platform, integration of radio-frequency identification (RFID), and our integration with advanced enterprise content management (ECM) software.


Provide our clients with contemporary, cost-effective, industry leading physical records management software solutions via:

  • Inclusion of the latest technology platforms, environments, and devices into installed solutions
  • Provision of "best practice" recommendations throughout the implementation process
  • Pursuit of timely and knowledgeable responses in all customer service interactions


Since 1987 Infolinx has been developing, implementing, and supporting enterprise class physical records management solutions. Installed throughout North America and into Europe, our applications enable organizations to implement complete life-cycle management of business data records. Our solutions incorporate the latest technologies including enterprise content management, host systems integration, radio-frequency identification, and integrated color label printing.


Infolinx is steadfast in the relentless pursuit of emerging and best-of-breed information technology and methodology providing unparalleled records and information management solutions. DOD 5015.2 certified software continues to keep Infolinx in the forefront of enterprise records management solutions.

Whether managing five thousand or five million records, Infolinx flexible records management software solutions can be tailored for a wide range of clientele-from pharmaceuticals to property management companies; from national banks to government agencies; from investment brokers to social services.

Infolinx records management solutions enables organizations to:

  • Implement a contemporary browser-based, true thin-client solution
  • Comply with regulatory requirements such as DoD 5015.2, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, and SOX
  • Collaboratively design and implement an unlimited number of retention schedules governing the disposition of records
  • Implement an industry-leading feature set specifically designed for the enterprise management of physical records
  • Track records from point of creation through archiving and final disposition
  • Configure an unlimited number of security groups restricting access to sensitive records and/or data.
  • Maintain complete and permanent audit histories for every record
  • Minimize "lost" records with low-impact user compliancy and proven recovery strategies
  • Integrate with existing software applications
  • Seamlessly integrate barcoding, color-coded labels, and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Implement workflow improvements including email notifications, automated data entry, records requesting, bulk updating, and merging of duplicate records
  • Analyze process metrics identifying bottlenecks and potential workflow improvement areas

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