Cloud Solution

The entire suite of Infolinx WEB editions is available on the cloud via the Microsoft Azure platform. Featuring the same industry-leading feature-set as the on-premises version, Infolinx WEB on Azure provides an extremely attractive business value proposition.

Business Continuity

Featuring up to triple geo-redundancy and guaranteed 99.9% uptime, ensuring critical business functions continuity even during times of uncertainty such as acquisitions, moves, bankruptcies, loss of key personnel, and natural disaster.

Operational Agility

Reacting to the ever-changing business landscape, providing flexible, easily scaled Platform as a Service (PaaS) architecture, integration with Active Directory, and configurable email notifications.


Realizing significant cost savings by negating the need for owned and managed servers, SANs, load balancers, network equipment, and racks, while simultaneously reducing the number of personnel required to manage the related infrastructure.

Traditional Objections Answered

  • Organizational data is arguably more secure in the cloud than on-premises. See Microsoft Azure Trust Center for more detailed information.
  • Binding contractual agreements guaranteeing access to and retrieval of business data.
  • Industry-leading data availability and performance featuring near 100% uptime, outperforming most on-premises installations.

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