Our team provides you with real world solutions to everyday information management problems. Staffed by records management and software professionals, our commitment is to provide your organization with leading edge records management solutions containing open architectural design for easy integration with other data systems.

Professional certified records managers supply you with expert implementation assistance and ensure the inclusion of best records management practices in every solution.

Records Management Consulting

Our processes eliminate the risk of noncompliance. The penalty for noncompliance is a cost no organization should be willing to accept. Today the mismanagement of records can significantly damage a organization's reputation, result in sizable penalties, and can even threaten civil and criminal exposure for individuals.

The reality is that virtually all companies have sensitive material documents and other content scattered across multiple records management systems and repositories. In fact, according to Forrester Research, more than 75 percent of companies have two or more repositories, and nearly 25 percent have more than 15. And content isolated in these systems can easily become the difference between compliance and noncompliance.

Our experts in records management consulting and business process analysis are available to assist you every step of the way to ensure a well-defined, compliant solution. Our staff of certified professional records managers supplies you with knowledgeable implementation assistance and ensures that the principles of records management are followed. We are available to help create an effective records management strategy enabling, among other things, the timely and accurate declaration and classification of all fiduciary, regulatory, or business-specific records, regardless of media type.

Let our experts help you plan, implement and execute an effective enterprise records management program from business and functional requirements to acceptance testing and ongoing. Compliance and peace of mind are all within your reach.

Data Analysis and Conversion

Infolinx records management and software engineers are available to assist you in evaluating your data conversion requirements and processes. Services include complete data migration from legacy systems into Infolinx systems as well as guided assistance and use of included data migration tools. Data conversions can also be performed for test or pilot systems allowing client verification of accurate migration.

Data services are available for virtually all types of client legacy source systems including advanced relational databases such as Oracle and SQL Server, as well as for data stored in simpler repositories such as FoxPro, Microsoft Access or Excel. In addition, data services can include directory polling, scheduled imports as well as near real-time data integration between on-going legacy host systems and Infolinx databases.

Software Configuration and Engineering

Infolinx offers software program customization services. Based on our years of experience and customer feedback we have developed a standardized document management product to meet the needs of the majority of users. However, we recognize that each installation is unique and may have need for special terminology or features. Our experienced programmers are available to make program modifications either at the time of purchase or in the future. Additionally, Infolinx offers onsite technical services to install the Infolinx application in the client environment, including installations on database servers and user desktops, as well as installation of any converted data, user creation and security settings.

File Conversion

Our professional team of records management specialists will evaluate your current filing system and provide fresh new ideas to reorganize into a more efficient streamlined filing method. No matter what form your information is in we can find a solution to improve your business process. Our professional records management consultants will help you design a comprehensive records management strategy following the principles of best records management practices. We are well versed in a host of file folder formats and designs and are prepared to design color and bar code labels to meet your needs for content, access and retrieval. We are available to organize and sequence your records for optimum efficiency. We also offer an array of labeling systems including alpha, alphanumeric and terminal digit, all integrated into our Infolinx application.

Records Relocations

We understand that timely relocation of your business records with minimal interruption is critical during a time of transition. We will professionally handle your file and record relocation needs including mapping records locations, sequencing and labeling each record series; unloading and transporting and reloading shelves; and conducting a final inventory- all the while auditing the process to ensure an accurate transfer. We'll help you to maintain your productivity by professionally handling your record relocations and free up your time.

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