Customer Testimonials

We believe our records management solution should fit the needs of customers, not the other way around. We work to understand the specific needs of each client in order to create a records management solution that delivers sustainable success.

"Infolinx has been one of the best vendor experiences I've had in my 15 years at this agency. The system they tailored for our needs has more than met our needs. The turnaround times on code issues or repairs is incredibly quick, as they seem as invested in the success of our system as much as we are. Really, an excellent vendor. It’s changed the way we do business, made us leaner, more efficient and it has even enabled my staff."

Michael Shea, Records Center Manager
Texas State Library and Archives Commission

"I have always received exceptional support from Infolinx, even years after implementing the system at our company. My issues and questions are either resolved or an alternative solution is provided."

Sabrina LeBlanc, Records Manager
CNO Financial

"Infolinx worked with us to develop a much more robust system than we had imagined at the onset of our project. Our 'University Records Management Application' serves as an enterprise-wide records inventory tool that will help our departments keep much better track of the records they are responsible for in both physical and electronic format. Our users are excited about the capabilities of our new system and anticipate the advantages of a centralized system in our very decentralized environment. We can't wait to take advantage of the additional capabilities of our tool as our program expands."

Lori Kressin
URMA Project Manager/Electronic Records Analyst
UVA Information Security Policy and Records Office

"Just wanted to pass along my appreciation of your team and the support they have given us during this migration time. They have been great to work with on all levels!"

Tammi Pusheck, Records Management Supervisor
Wyoming State Archives

"It took staff several years to assess agency needs, evaluate and select software because of the size and scope of the Library's collections, programs, and services. Staff representing State Records, Local Records, Private Papers, Imaging Services, Access Services, Records Analysis Services, the State Records Center, and Information Technology worked on the Infolinx project to create the unified system."

Sandra G. Treadway
Library of Virginia

"We chose Infolinx because the Infolinx WEB™ software interface was intuitive and designed with the end-user in mind. CRD's IT department support of the software was predicated upon its true thin client architecture and role-based security features."

Susan Norrington, Manager Corporate Strategic Initiatives
Capital Regional District

"The customer service has been above and beyond what I anticipated which lends itself to the success we have realized so far."

Stacie Barclay, Manager of Records, Information and Privacy
City of Langford, British Columbia

"Infolinx was easily customized to meet our unique municipal records management classification needs.”

Sarah Jones, Director of Corporate Administration
Town of View Royal, British Columbia

"The system is user friendly and allows for both quick efficient records searches and new file creation.”

Chance Dixon, Archivist and Corporate Records Manager
Town of View Royal, British Columbia

Infolinx handles our custom-designed hierarchical, small-bucket records classification schedule in a straightforward and intuitive manner. The records management functions, including records creation, transferal, retention, and ownership, are powerful and easy-to-use. Overall, the amount of end-user input that has gone into Infolinx's design has made the implementation and training process a lot easier, and the CRD staff appreciates all the little things that make their jobs easier."

Jon Weston, Lead Application Specialist
FileIT Solutions (Matthews Store Fixtures)

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